Struggles. They come in all sizes; they come at the worst time; they steal our joy; they have no respect for who we are; they never leave us when we ask them to; they always pick on our weakest spots; and they often team up with other afflictions. But without them we would never grow nor would we ever appreciate the finer things of life.

Remember this truth, it is through the struggles that you learn how to trust God. Blessings await those who struggle through the struggles. So…blessings today.

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The Deep Love of God

Oh the deep, deep love of Jesus. It goes beyond my mind’s ability to comprehend. It is higher than the heavens and yet reaches to the lowest hell. It cannot be measured yet its value is priceless. It cannot be sold yet we can trade all we have to get it.

How rich, how sure, how measureless and strong is the love of God. It will out last, out love, out care for us. And when everything that we count to be important or necessary fades away, God’s love will still remain. Because the greatest of all things is love.

So today I would remind you and me to love the Lord our God. He is so worthy of it. Blessings

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The Myth

Self-sufficiency is a myth perpetuated by pride and temporary success. Read this thought in “Jesus calling” devotional today. That’s powerful. And to be honest, that’s our problem.

There is only one person that I know of who has the right to say that they are self-sufficient. Know who that is? JESUS! Good answer class!

Come on, boys and girls, put your pride away and let’s play together nicely in the sandbox. Jesus is to be our all-sufficient savior. Don’t let your pride or temporary success convince you otherwise. Blessings, my friends

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God’s Reality

It may appear that things around you are out of control and that God has somehow forgotten about us. But I just want to remind you and me of one simple yet profound truth…our God is still on his throne!

Don’t let what you see become your reality. God is and always will be working his perfect plan out for this world and your life. And what I have found is that he’s kind of secretive about how he does it. But rest assured, nothing is going to take place today unless it is first approved by God himself.

Be blessed today, my friends

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Trust. That incredible act of our hearts turning everything we have over to God and trusting him with our lives, our families, our jobs, our futures.

You see, it is trust that causes a young child to believe in their parents; it is trust that allows a girl to marry a man and follow him all the days of her life; it is trust that drivesĀ us to our knees in prayer believing that God is in control of all things.

To follow God is to trust him. Trust and obey for there’s no other way to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey.


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John the Baptist

I’m reminded today of the story of John the Baptist. Even though he was considered great by man and “The greatest man who ever lived” by Jesus himself, John understood his place in God’s Kingdom. When Christ finally showed up on the preaching circuit John backed off and found his perfect sweet spot…”He must increase and I must decrease.”

Looking for your sweet spot today? He must increase and you must decrease.

Be a John the Baptist today. People will follow you. Blessings

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It is in the face of discouragement that we can see God’s reflection.

Discouragement is not a set back nor an obstacle. Instead, it is a means by which God will show us his perfect, on time, complete, and dubious plan for us.

A thought to always remember…God is never late nor is he ever early. He is always right on time. Faith in God is trusting in his timing.

May you today see God’s plans unfold before you and may you know that he was right on time.

Blessings today.

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Living by Grace

If God’s grace was removed from us today where do you think we would go for help, love, compassion, understanding, direction, or even truth?

Remember this simple fact and share it with all that will listen…it is God’s grace that allows us to live each day to its fullest. For without it we would be lost both spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

Grace is the glue that holds everything together. Spread the word. Blessings today…through God’s grace.

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Thee not Me

What matters to you the most?

We live in a time when the world around us tells us that ME matters the most. Because of that, ME spends most of MY time taking care of ME.

ME desires so much. It’s a desire that can never be truly satisfied. Never have I come to completely know what it is ME really wants. I find ME looking for ways to meet MY needs. ME becomes so self absorbed that I forget that there are others around ME who have needs as well. ME knows that but ME doesn’t seem to care. Oh what a terrible place for ME to be in.

So what’s the answer? ME needs more of THEE. Without THEE working in ME I will never be FREE of ME. I will continue this lifestyle of looking out for just ME. And the end result will not be good for ME nor bring glory to THEE.

Lord, may YOU be given freedom today to work in ME. May my ME bring honor and glory to THEE.

I need THEE every hour.

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God’s Plans

Today is laid out for us and planned ahead of time by God himself. With that fact in mind, be sure that what you do with today lines up with his plans.

How do you that? Ask him to guide you through his word, circumstances, and allowing others to speak into your life. Then when the day is over, God’s will has been done.

Blessings on your day.

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